Manage your teams and customers in one place

Smplr is a web-based, easy-to-set-up productivity tool to organize and visualize work, manage tasks and collaborate. Ideal for the post-pandemic way of remote work.

Beyond Whatsapp and spreadsheets. Better work management

Build workflows, structure communications, and collaborate with your teams and customers

Make sense of your data

Collect data through forms, store and manipulate it on tables, and visualize it through charts. For a light-weight CRM system, management dashboards and more

Organize, delegate and get things done

Assign, prioritize and track tasks to completion. Never lose sight of important deadlines and supercharge your productivity

Get everyone on the same page (doc)

Create docs, invite team members and customers to view, edit and work on them together. Take notes and organize information. In context, all the time

Drive team productivity

Track your team's productivity, balance their workload, get status reports and communicate through Smplr

Build systems that work for you

Smplr is a no-code, do-it-yourself tool that can be customized for many different use cases. From asset trackers to employee wikis, our library of templates help you get started

Use Smplr on the go, at home, or at work

Smplr is a progressive web app. This means that every one of our features is available both on the phone and desktop

Pricing that scales with your needs. No add-ons or hidden costs

Simple, no frills pricing. Only pay for users with full collaboration rights


  • Unlimited docs

  • Up to 2 gb storage

  • Limited collaboration (view and comment rights)

  • Email support


Launch Pricing!
$8/ user/ month
billed annually
  • Unlimited docs

  • Unlimited team members

  • Up to 10 gb storage per team member

  • Real-time collaboration - build with your team

  • Priority email and phone support


  • Unlimited docs

  • Unlimited team members

  • Up to 25 gb storage per team member

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Training Program

  • Dedicated account manager

Plugging into Smplr is like switching on the lights

From a bird’s eye view of the organization to improved team productivity, everyone uses Smplr differently

“When COVID-19 struck, the entire organization was thrown in a tizzy.. Turning on Smplr was like a light was shone on the organization.. our cash flows improved and our employees were thrilled because it became easier to get things done.”

Prashant Mehra
CEO, Mangalkari Manufacturing & Marketing LLP

“It is a great tool for task management…I used to write down my daily tasks on a notebook and Smplr has now replaced that. Smplr improves productivity and helps the organization grow faster.”

Kartikeyaa Rathi
ERP Coordinator, at Green Packaging Industries

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