'Improves productivity and helps the organization grow faster', says ERP coordinator at a packaging company

The power of Smplr's task management feature

Kartikeyaa is responsible for implementing a new ERP system at Green Packaging Industries and has a hectic schedule coordinating work across different departments. He started using Smplr recently and has been able to improve his productivity by replacing pen and paper with Smplr.

Here is a transcript of the video

I am Kartikeyaa Rathi from Green Packaging Industries Private Limited, Kolkata. I have been using Smplr since over a month. It's a great tool for task management purpose. Here, we can assign a task, we can add documents, videos, files. There is also like an advantage that they have a version of Excel on their own platform. So it helps us to do all that activities on one particular place. Best part of Smplr that helped me was that I used to write down, note down my tasks on a notebook. With Smplr, they have a document in which I can note down all my daily tasks and activities. They also will have an app. So on the go, I can, you know, use Smplr wherever it is required to. It's a great tool to use, and it really helps the organization grow faster.