6 Templates to Better Manage Your Sales Workflows

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Smplr offers 6 best-practice templates for sales teams to better manage, organize and track prospects and customers, and achieve growth goals.

  1. Customer Management Relationship (CRM) Record and monitor sales leads, client interactions, proposal status, win probabilities, and more with this template. With a bird's eye view of the company's ongoing sales deals, using spreadsheets will now become a thing of the past.

  2. Account Interaction A more detailed view of each interaction with a potential prospect, this template is a layer deeper into the CRM for your company. With a glance at meeting notes, client background, and tasks, go better prepared for your next meeting.

  3. Competitors Watch Keep an eye on the competitors in your space while comparing deals lost & won, product offerings, differentiators, and more through this document. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition gives you better insight into what works in the market and will help you convert more opportunities.

  4. Account Planning Account planning is a key exercise for high performing B2B sales teams. Use this template to keep an eye on customer pain points, document their org structure (and dynamics), manage priorities, and prospect for new services.

  5. Sales Assets Compiling demos and sales presentations for clients can be duplicative and time-consuming. Worse, you may end up neglecting your company's best work. Use this template as a repository of your company's best sales documents appropriately categorized and labeled.

  6. Rate Card Create a quick and easy rate card for company products and services that is shareable with clients, vendors, and partners. Detail pricing structures, commissions, packages as required.

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Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash